Cybercow joins

Hi everyone! Allow me shortly introduce myself: Cybercow is the name ūüôā

Our Retropal friend Vulturius was kind enough to extend me an invitate to join the Retropals community. Something I have, of course,¬†graciously accepted. Vulturius and myself actually go way back, some 25+ years, back to the day when Retro games were¬†well just …¬†games and Retro PC hardware was just … hardware. We both grew up in¬†the world¬†of¬†PC’s running DOS games: from our very first PC/XT machines running Hercules/CGA video¬†(holding a massive 640K ram),¬†passing on to 386’s running SoundBlaster Pro cards, 486’s running Gravis Ultrasound¬†or AWE32 cards &¬†Pentiums running 3Dfx Voodoo¬†cards …up until this very day, were we still¬†discuss & run those same old DOS games!

So, thanks again to Vulturius for the invite and .. stay tuned for some more Retro PC & DOS games love coming your way.