It’s time to have a little, good old DOS networking fun. There used to be times when games supported the IPX network protocol. I am talking about when the majority of the people didn’t have internet access in their homes. All you had was an offline DOS machine with loads of games. Some of them could be played in a network or with a serial cable. Back then you saw gaming enthusiasts gathering together in a room connecting their PC rigs on a local network, to try out what this new way of playing games was all about. If you are reading this you probably remember your first experience with DOOM on IPX, which is still a special moment in your life, right ? 😉


The Netgame Funpack

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to play those IPX games TODAY? Over the internet against each other? There is a way by downloading Vulturius’ netgame funpack!

This is a pack that was created ontop of DOSBOX using the IPX support which has been built in. I’ve configured a version of DOSBOX in such a way that it connects to a server in the cloud, which connects all clients in the same IPX network, thus, able to play games the old fashioned way!


Enough said, let’s see some action

Download here.

  • Unzip to folder of choice.
  • Launch GO.exe or GO.cmd

You cannot join, leave a network game as you please, like we are all used to today. So one thing you need to do is to get in touch on a chatting platform to agree who wants to play.