Best of game music & 8bit chiptunes …

Games wouldn’t be games if they didn’t had the music themes they all come along with.

This post is one we’ll keep updating regularly with our favorite games music & 8bit chiptunes.

  • Quake 2 : Kickass music i can listen to all day long 😉 (chosen by Vulturius)

  • Warcraft 2 – Tides of Darkness (chosen by Vulturius)

Epic music that earns my highest respect ! I bow for this music 😉

For other tracks use this external link :

  • Command & Conquer 1 (chosen by Vulturius)

Whoever played this game a lot, will have this music grinded into his/her brains 😉

  • Dubmood (chosen by Vulturius)

Kalle Jonsson (born in Majorna, Göteborg, Sweden) aka Dubmood is a Swedish composer and producer of electronic, pop, rock and dance music best known for his works in the chiptune (8-bit) genre and within the computer piracy movement known as the Warez scene.

 Here are some beautiful songs he has written … sit back and enjoy 😉

Will be updated as soon as we find new cool retro game music.

Let us know what your top 3 is of music games ? Leave a comment …

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