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Hi guys,

Those who are following our Facebook and Twitter page – if you don’t, please do so – noticed we had a good and busy retro gaming week. The original plan for me, AuronnBE, was to post about my Final Fantasy collection this week. I was planning to put it all together and tell you a little bit about my connection to the series, how it got me into collecting and what my vision is on the current road the series is taking. But something got in between…

Once in a lifetime

One of my longtime Facebook friends, which I had known from my Poker period over 5 years ago, got in contact. I don’t want to tell you the whole story behind his reasoning right now, as I will keep that for a seperate video/blog post, but I can tell you that he gave me dibs on a big collection and that I could check it out this week. He sent me some pictures and I don’t want to show you guys everything, but one look at the picture below tells me, you make time and you get there asap.


You see the material and you immediatly know that this guy was an rpg fanatic, titles as Legend of Mana, Final Fantasy III, Mystic Quest to name a few are top notch titles and finding them in boxed condition isn’t easy to say the least. There was of course a lot more and I had to make a descision. Am I going to pick out every game I want or am I going for the complete collection and take the time to dig through it. The answer is …

2013-11-27 10.57.37

Yes of course I want everything! That’s a no brainer, right?!? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the doubles I find can be used for future trades or upgrades to my copies. I got a good deal, but to be honest, this made a whole in my wallet too and I will first dig through everything before I go online and buy again, although a collector is always tempted to check deals if there’s some time.

I’d like to make a detailed video of everything I found, it gives me the opportunity to go into detail on some games and rare stuff I find in there, because believe me, there’s more than some boxed SNES games…

And what else?

But what else do the Retropals have in store for you? A lot! As you noticed we are coming from behind the camera and want to talk to you in person. We are looking into better ways to show you the 1Life RetroRun’s. We have plans to create our own personal avatars, create professional-like banners. And we’d like to do reviews, show you our flea market adventures next summer and grow steadily to give you content on a regular basis. Right now we are bringing you updates from week to week, but we’d like to built up a backlog of content so we can assure you of one big update a week.

One last teaser is that me and my wife will start working on our future house and the ideas for a gaming room are coming in as we speak, double moving closets for example:

2013-11-27 18.47.26

For the moment, we really appreciate your likes, shares, comments, it helps us reach a bigger audience, thank you!

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Cheers guys and for our US readers, hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving!

– AuronnBE

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