RetroPals versus Marco (a DOS Games Challenge)


This week i want to share with you the beginning of a friendly challenge between 2 guys who share the same passion : DOS Games !

I came into contact with Marco Giglio : an italian professional who isn’t affraid to say : “I am the best DOS Games player …. in the world” ! I think he is a funny guy who just wants to enjoy himself and also likes sharing his DOS Games experiences.

I had to react on that, because i also believe i have what it takes to play DOS Games good 😉 It’s not in our belgian culture to brag about yourself, but once in a while we need to, if it doesn’t harm anyone.

The challenge is to play 1 track of ‘4d sports driving’ aka ‘stunts’ and see who is the fastest !

A message to Marco : I can’t wait for your answer !

– Vulturius

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