1Life RetroRun : Blue Shadow (NES)

While rearranging the collection closet with all the stuff that came in lately, I had to test my boxed NES at last. With all the stuff going on the last few weeks I haven’t found the time to do so. While I always test a newly arrived NES with a known to work game, I had a better idea this time. Why not check out one of the games that came with it and do a first run. My eye immediately dropped on Blue Shadow, I didn’t have a clue what the game was about, but the box art looked gorgeous and reveals that a male and sexy female fighter probably will have to take it up against an ugly old man. While the back of the box displays the typical side scrolling gameplay action that we identify with the NES era.

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So let’s take this baby to the test with our first 1Life RetroRun. To be honest, it’s something I just came up with and the sole name that came to mind, the title says it all, no? I start playing a game, no testing up front, and see how far I can come and how long I can play before dying. Finishing of the blog with a little summary of my first impressions. Ready? Here we go…

The movie wasn’t long, but at least I made it to the third level and past one boss. As to be expected the controls weren’t that complicated with a jump and an attack button. Although the amount of play time was short, the game was full of weapon upgrades and different types of enemies, which makes me wonder if Blue Shadow can keep surprising the player further on in the game.
I had to laugh when the moving platforms came up in level 3, immediately made me think of the ones in the Super Mario Bros (NES) and Super Mario World (SNES) games, as did the stage 1_x screens. Honorary mention to the animations, which looked slick in every way.
No good NES game without good music, right? Before recording and while writing this piece, the opening movie was playing in loop and it’ll be playing in my head over and over again the coming days. The tunes are addicting and prepare you for an epic quest through tons of challenging stages, well… I sure hope so.

Concluding, I had a blast for the 5 minutes it lasted and I’ll make sure to give it a decent try in the future. The overall game looked like it lent all the good stuff from other, now, NES classics and implements them in a fun and fluent game to play. I feel the urge to invite Vulturius over for a 2 player run and see how far we can get.

Which games would you like to see us take for a 1Life RetroRun?


PS: The game is known as ‘Shadow of the Ninja’ for NA readers who would like to check it out.

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