The DOS Back In Time Series: 1984

After all your kind reactions on the first part, 1983, it is now the time to present our second installment of The Dos Back in Time Series. I, Vulturius, would like to take you all with me down memory lane to PC gaming era on MSDos year by year. The games that make it into the video are purely based on my own personal experience, but I’m always open to suggestions for any future videos. So let yourself be heard.

All games you see are played by myself on real hardware, so no emulators. I like figuring out how to run the original game on the hardware that was available at the time. If you should have any questions on similar experiences, contact me and I will be glad to help you out in any way possible.

Buckle up and sit tight, prepare yourself for some real retro gaming with King’s Quest, Alley Cat and four other gems, here we go: